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SC D2 CIGRE International Colloquium in Moscow has officially started

The official opening ceremony of the International Colloquium of the Study Committee (SC) D2 CIGRE was held on 20 September 2017 in Moscow. This key event in the field of information technologies for the electric power industry takes place in Moscow from 20 to 22 September 2017 and brings together representatives from energy companies, equipment manufacturers, scientific, technical and engineering organizations from all over the world. The Colloquium calls on them to exchange knowledge and share experience through particular results of introducing of practical developments in the industry.

There were some closed WG meetings held on 18 and 19 September. The agenda of the Colloquium consists of 40 reports covering three topics: «Software platforms for control of distributed energy resources (DER),» «Resilience to cyber threats of information and telecommunication systems in the power industry» and «Highly reliable communication infrastructure for traditional and new applications in EPI.»

It was the first time for Russia to be the host of the Colloquium and this event attracted more than 150 participants and speakers from 26 countries. Among international and Russian attendees are representatives of the world's largest energy companies and leading equipment manufacturers.

The number of received papers is twice more than it has been with previous D2 colloquiums. More than 50 percent of the attendees are foreign guests and the largest foreign delegation came from Japan.

General partner of the colloquium is the Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System (FGC UES), among other partners — Russian National Committee of CIGRE, SO UPS, Research and Development Center of FGC UES. RTSoft is the main organizer of the Colloquium and the leading scientific partner of the subcommittee D 2 «Information Systems and Telecommunications» of RNC CIGRE.

The opening ceremony was started with an address by Chairman of the Executive Board of FGC UES, Chairman of RNC CIGRE, Andrei Murov, General Secretary of CIGRE Philippe Adam, Chairman of Study Committee D2 Philippe Quenaudon and Chairman of D2 RNC CIGRE, General Director of RTSoft, Olga Sinenko.

Philippe Adam thanked the organizers for the warm welcome and emphasized the importance of information and experience exchange in the industry, which the Colloquium is called upon to contribute to. He also noted that by the end of 2016 the Russian Federation had become the first among European countries, ahead of France and Germany, and the fifth in the world in the membership top-list giving way only to China, Brazil, the United States and Japan.

Andrei Murov thanked the management of SC CIGRE for giving confidence and their decision to hold the Colloquium in Moscow and noted that today the issues concerned with the development of digital technologies and cyber security are under the focus all around the world. Russia attaches the highest priority to the latest developments and technical progress in all areas of the domestic electric power industry. Particularly, the number of research and development projects related to the digital technologies in production and management processes is growing in FGC UES.

Philippe Quenaudon, in his turn, also highlighted the importance of knowledge-sharing and noted that today the «landscape» of the electric power industry is changing very quickly, the liberalization of the markets initiates new processes. It’s needed to lay down specific ideas to build reliable and secure networks and this will be facilitated by the Colloquium. He called on Russian representatives to take part more actively in the work of the committee. According to the results of the Colloquium, 3-5 most important reports will be selected and proposed for publication in the CIGRE publications.

Olga Sinenko in her welcome speech wished the participants successful work and expressed her hope that Colloquium would prepare the ground for holding such international conferences of CIGRE in Russia.

After the opening ceremony the first day of the Colloquium continued with the presentations of the speakers. The topic «Highly reliable communication infrastructure for traditional and new applications in EPI» was discussed on 20 September. Lhoussain Lhassan was the special reporter of this issue.

Poster session of RNC CIGRE Youth Section was held as a part of the Colloquium: 11 poster papers were presented by young scientists and students from power energy universities. The participants of the youth section had a meeting with Philip Adam. He answered numerous questions and was impressed by the idea of the creation of new approaches for communication between the Youth Sections of CIGRE and of the arrangement of international youth engineering championships. He promised to assist in establishing relationship between the Youth Section of RNC CIGRE and the sections from other countries.

The participants of the Colloquium оn 21 September will discuss the topics «Software platforms for control of distributed energy resources (DER)» and «Resilience to cyber threats of information and telecommunication systems in the power industry». We are glad to invite experts to take part in the closing sessions of the Colloquium.

SC D2 CIGRE International Colloquium in Moscow has officially started